Dear Sonia , Ashish and Team

You are doing a great job. In spite of all the troubles and challenges ,you have persevered and invade a difference to so many lives9

And your impact is for searching it will not only be the cement students, who you are teaching ,that will benefit but their children and grandchildren will it turn reap the benefits.

Keep up the great work. This indeed is the best service to humanity. To your success!

By Kanshik

I really enjoyed the visit .The staff is very welcoming and helpful and the kids have always a bright smile on their faces .Good Job!

Regards-Araceli Lasso

It was a wonderful Day at Nai Roshni it is always good to make a difference because together We can.

Thomas Zachmeier.

Thank you for inviting me and my son to your wonderful school. Thanks also for allowing me to teach a few lessons .It have me great you.

I am looking forward to our future cooperation and my involvement with your wonderful work .Love always to all of you.

Love Regards-Hanna Sahlman (Sweden)

Thanks to the entire Singh family for the warm hospitality and thoroughly enjoyed meeting just a little in the Nai Roshni school! I congratulate your assident efforts to help people who have so little and with a hard up,can gain so much sontinued support is my promise to you!

By-Susan Cofer Jones

NaiRoshni ,is doing good work,Todays work an effort by all the children is deeply appreciable .All the participants have done great efforts.They draw very good on the theme of cleanniness by the help of Indian Oil.So all the best

All smile Team.,Greataffort ,good Job .

By-Saurabh Singh (Smile Foundation (F.R)
Visited school for the first time and it was an overall very glad experience .Seeing print rich environment and enabling,learning atmosphere for the underprivilege children.I wish best of luck to school team for helping vulnerable children in future.Thank you for facilitating my visit and explaining things in detail.

By-Varun Nautiyal ,Manager -ME (Smile Foundation)

Nai Roshni is a paradise for girls from the rural areas nearby.Its awesome to see the changes bringing in the lives of these girls whose families have always discouraged the girls from going to school.Sonia and team are doing a great job. Salute to you all!

By-Rakhi Kishore

It is mighty said that “Education improves the nation “.Thank you Sonia ma’am and team for improving the nation and helping so many people.

By-Khwahish Kishore
विघालय (नै रौशनी के स्वंत्र दिवस कार्यक्रम में शामिल होकर बहुत ख़ुशी हुई|| विघालय के बच्चो को देख क्र या महसूस हुआ की उनकी पढाई लिखाई देख रेख उच्चितम स्तर की है विघालय के भविष्य के लिए शुभकामनाए |

By-Sandeep Pandey

It is with God’s grace that I landed in the beautiful place where these inspiring girl’s will one day become empowered women who will not only make their own lives beautiful,but also leave a mark on the world.God Bless you!

By-Nitin Dixit

You all have done incredible job.We wish you all the best and we will look forward to see you all growing wich with knowledge and smart with positivity in your heart.We will come back very soon!.Love you all .May God bless you all .Stay Strong. Great accomplishment .Keep up the great work.

By-Deepika , Swapnil and Aryan Agarwal
Visited this amazing school today,interacted with sweet little children .Highly appreciate the noble work being done by Sonia Ji and Ashish.

Best wishes for a bright future.Hope you continue to bring smiles to many more underpriviledge children .

By Vivek Shukla (Aliganj,Lucknow)
It is my great pleasure to meet M/S SoniuaSingh ,Astha Kiran .She is doing wonderful work for educating poor children.

By-V.K Saxena (Kalyan Apartment)

What an amazing journey through to through .Everyday with Astha Kiran was treat beyond words.Real experience , real in everyday.Most important of all A.klives.Hope and that is priceless.

By -Riaz Aziz

It is so wonderful to have met you all.It is a great honor and pleasure to be a little helpful and support your important work.

We feel very grateful and blessed.Thankyou so much for all the love and beauty you being into this world.


It is the first stay in India. I was deep impressed and my heart is so wide ,open and thankyou all for this wonderfull time.

You all will be in my heart from now on.I have now new friends I will never forget this beautiful time.

Best Regards-Jens.

The single most inspiring place I have ever visited full of some of biggest hearts and fiercest girls.I feed privileged to have met the people in this country and school.

Best wishes for the futures of all of you.

By-Wayne Alee

You are the most hospitalised people I have met.All so beautiful inside and out.Thank you for you have shown ,shared and taughts us.

It has been amazing bring with you (wioll never forget you all have such bright futures and I wish you all the very best.So much love

By-Ellie Tswii


I am overwhelmed and full of love for the children at Asthakiranthe wonderful adults who are making this possible for them.You are all a true blessing from God and We love You!

By-tansive T Eark
Excellent service to the society, requires great dedication and devotion .Our heartfelt appreciation .Love to all of you.

Ravi Gupta

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