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Astha Kiran always promots our girls in the field of education as well as sports

As you all aware that Astha Kiran always doing their efforts for promoting our girls in the field of education as well as sports. Like every year, this year too, Astha Kiran organized the 7th Sarla Memorial Girls Cricket League. The event was held on 25.02.2021 at the Career Sport Stadium Lucknow. In this Cricket League, there were total 6 teams were participated. They are
1. Bal Sabha Boys
2. Bal Sabha Girls
3. Badlav Girls
4. Bhavishiya Academy Boys
5. Nai Roshini Girls Unit -1
6. Nai Roshini Girls Unit – 2
Our honourable guest were Lucknow Mayor Mrs. Sayukta Bhatiya, Chairman of S.R. Group Mr. Pawan Singh Chauhan, Magsaysay awardee Dr. Sandeep Pandey, Retired Police Officer Mrs. Satya Singh, Mrs. Om Singh from Chaitney Foundation, Mrs. Varsha Singh and Mr. Deepak Mahajan from Divya Sewa Ek Koshish Ese bhi, Mr. Virendra Singh, Director of Astha Kiran Mr. Mahendra Kumar Singh and many more guest.
In this match, the final match was played between Nai Roshini Unit 1 and Badlav Team , in which Nai Roshini Unit-1 won the title. As well as the final match between Bhavishya Academy Boys and Bal Sabha boys was also played, in which Bhavishiya Academy Boys won the title.
List of winning category 2021
Winner of 7th Sarla Girl Tournament Trophy - Nai Roshini Unit-1
Winner of 7th Sarla Boy Tournament Trophy - Bhavishiya Academy Boys
Girl of the match - Swati
Girl of the Series - Deepali
Best Bowler from Nai Roshini Unit-1 - Meena
Best Fielder from Nai Roshini Unit-1 - Amtrita
Boys of the match from Bhavishiya Academy - Yuvraj
Best Bowler from Bhavishiya Academy - Nikesh

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Astha kiran is not for profit organization focused on improving socio economic growth of girl child in remote part of Lucknow, Dubagga area. In its endeavor, Nai Roshni school run by Astha Kiran got support from various individuals and Mr V K Saxena from Kalyan Apartment Indira Nagar is one of them.

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Founded by Sonia Singh in 2004, AsthaKiran has a comprehensive development approach to educate and empower girls. The Foundation is based in Lucknow District of U.P. and has been relentlessly working towards the welfare of underprivileged children. Over the years, AsthaKiran has evolved with different initiatives on girls

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